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Specialist Private Investigation Services

(SPI Services) (CK 2010/169913/23 )

Cellular SPI Services


Specialist Private Investigation Services, has experience with Intelligence/Counter Intelligence/ Espionage/Counter Espionage Operations.

Currently Specializing in :

Pinging of Lost/Stolen/Mislaid Mobile Devices & Obtaining of Location of device, Pinging of Mobile Numbers for Location Services etc...

Cellular Interceptions, Incoming and Outgoing Call Recording, Incoming and Outgoing Whatsapp Audio & Video Call Recording, Whatsapp Chats (both ways), SMS, etc....

Recordings, Recovery of Android & iPhone Data, Unlocking Sim, Deleted Contacts, Data Extraction from damaged mobile devices, messages, all information from SD Cards & Sim Cards....


Even more

Trace a Phone Number 

Trace listed and unlisted landline phone numbers, prepaid and contract mobile phone numbers, and a variety of other phone numbers quickly and easily. Get the full names, identity number or passport number and address

Trace an Email Address 

Trace the account-holder of an email address, including,, and others. Obtain the person’s name, date of birth, linked email accounts and contact numbers.

Trace IP Addresses

Trace IP Addresses to their source and obtain geolocation data (GPS coordinates) of an IP Address. Get the responsible person’s full names and contact information. Results available almost immediately.

Our team

Anesh Gopal
Rekha G Maharaj
UK Division

Our skills

With over 30 years experience we can ensure…


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